Monday, July 19, 2021

2021 Stadium Club Cubs

 Stadium Club for 2021 came out a few weeks ago.  The 300-card set checks off all of the Stadium Club staples - no borders, sharp photography, minimal writing on the fronts.

There are ten Cubs cards in the set, two HOFers and eight active players.  Only two of the cards have a vertical orientation.  I am happiest when 100% of the cards are vertical.  Then I can thumb through a stack easily and the cards look nice in the binder pages.  

And yes, we do get another card of Brailyn Marquez.  But it is vertical, so I am conflicted!


  1. I am with you on the vertical cards. Always better upright in the standard 9 pocket pages.

  2. I prefer to have my sets (stored in binders) either all vertical or all horizontal. However I'll make an exception for Stadium Club... which caters to photography fans. Sometimes a photos just needs to be portrait... while others need to be landscape.

  3. Stadium Club this year has some great photos.I really like Ryno's card in this set.

  4. Nice to get a nice looking card of Joc in Cubbie Blue before he left.