Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Living Set Craig Kimbrel

The Cubs have a player in the Living Set for the first time since September 30, 2021.  That is the longest playerless span since the set started.

Closer Craig Kimbrel has been really good this year.  He made the All Star team and now he's made the Living Set.  The big question is will he still be with the Cubs by the end of the week?

I like the look of the card. The artwork is very realistic, almost like a photo.

Kimbrel is the 14th Cub to be included and he is also the Cub with the lowest print run.

5Ian HappMarch 21, 2018Print run - 3,042
30Brandon Morrow  May 16, 2018Print run - 5,585
64Ryne SandbergAugust 8, 2018Print run - 7,212
67Anthony RizzoAugust 15, 2018Print run - 5,568
83David BoteSeptember 19, 2018  Print run - 5,345
103  Javier BaezNovember 7, 2018Print run - 4,499
127Kris BryantJanuary 2, 2019Print run - 5,361
210Jason HeywardJuly 10, 2019Print run - 2,573
217Ernie BanksJuly 31, 2019Print run - 5,406
266Kyle HendricksDecember 4, 2019Print run - 2,074
310Nico HoernerMay 6, 2020Print run - 3,523
323Willson ContrerasJune 24, 2020Print run - 2,052
352Alec MillsSeptember 30, 2020Print run - 1,886
429   Craig Kimbrel       July 7, 2021                Print run - 1,780

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  1. I think the initial luster of the Living Set has warn off. Case in point: Kimbrel only had a third as many cards produced as Brandon Morrow.
    We probably won't see a rise in production numbers from the Cubs unless Fergie, Billy, Santo or a new hot rookie is given a card.