Saturday, October 16, 2021

70s Saturday - 1973 Topps Cubs

 Today I've got the 1973 set, which is also the template for next year's Heritage.

The first thing you notice when looking at the Cubs set is the team card and the lack of floating heads.  It looks like Topps took a black and white team picture and colored it.  Some of the chest logos don't look right.  But I appreciate the effort.  

The other card that stands out is the card for Bob Locker. I do not appreciate the effort on this one.  The oddest part is the outfielder behind Locker. Topps painted a Cubs logo in the center of his uniform.














  1. The beckert card is my favorite because of the duke sims cameo. I think most agree that the outfielder on locker’s card is Reggie Jackson. Also wondering if you’ve considered adding bill north’s card to your team set since he was left in his Cubs Jersey on the card.

    1. No North in the Cubs set for me. That would be a slippery slope because there are a bunch of cards through the years showing players in Cubs uniforms while listed with a different team

  2. Never noticed that logo behind Locker before. Very weird.

    I kinda hope Topps does those weird team auto cards in Heritage next year. (Hmmm...maybe they could do a small number with the actual autographs?) I'd love for them to do those manager/coaching staff cards, but I assume they won't shell out for the rights to the staffs.