Friday, October 1, 2021

I'll Never Complete This Set

 In 2016 I was gifted with most of the Cubs cards from 2016 Topps Now set.  The Cubs were pretty good that year and there were 92 cards in the set.  I have 90 of the 92. The two missing are from early in the season and had a pretty low print run.

While I'd like to get the missing two, I don't think I ever will.  Every so often one or the other will pop up on Ebay.  I see the listing, see the price, and then move on.

One was listed on Wednesday.

I'm not paying ten grand for a card of Addison Russell.  And how about that shipping price, nearly 90 bucks.

Nope, I will never complete the Cubs set from 2016 Topps Now.


  1. Unfortunately, just another sign of the state of the hobby...

  2. This seller is crazy. I'm guessing he just enjoys showing off his collectible and has no intention of selling it. I don't know anything about the print run, but I could understand it going for $100 or something if it's the lowest print run of the year and there were only 100 copies out there. But 10k? There's not a single Addison Russell card out there that's worth anything close to that.

  3. I wouldn't want my favorite baseball team to pay 10K for Addison Russell to, you know, actually PLAY on my team. Nevermind 10K for a card of him.