Saturday, October 23, 2021

70s Saturday - 1974 Capital Publishing Cubs

Today's set features cards issued in the '70s, but the players were definitely not from the '70s.

Capital Publishing Company issued a black and white set in 1974.  The players were not active.  In fact, many were old-timers from long ago.  The checklist in the Standard Catalog lists cards numbered from 1 to 104 though #102 is listed as "unknown".  The cards are large, 4 1/8" x 5 1/4".

The backs have the player's yearly stats along with a few career highlights.  The card number is on the bottom left. Capital's name is on the bottom right.  There is no copyright year, so I'm going by what the catalog says for the date.

The cards do not have any team designation, so I went with the team checklist from Teamsests4u and ended up with eight that they called Cubs cards.  Most of them are Hall of Famers or well-known Cubs... and a guy named Cliff Aberson, who played in a total of 63 games over three seasons.

#75 Cliff Aberson

#21 Cap Anson

#23 Mordecai Brown

#17 Frank Chance

#41 Johnny Evers

#7 Clark Griffith

#15 King Kelly

#85 Hippo Vaughn

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