Tuesday, April 23, 2024

1976 Motorola Cubs

The electronics giant Motorola gave away baseball cards at their 1976 dealers convention.  Each pack contained one card and a stick of gum.  It was a pretty novel thing to do back then.

The set features eleven old-time players.  The front has a picture of the player while on the back there was information about Motorola products.

There are two Cubs in the set and I thought I had this set done over a year ago, but nope.  I picked up one card but never got the other.  I realized this last week, found the missing card on eBay, and bought it.


The two Cubs are Hall of Famers from the dynasty of 1906-1910.

The two cards are printed on two different types of paper. Brown's is very thin and flimsy.  You can see traces of the back on the scan.  The Chance card is on a much thicker paper.  Also notice how the color of the brown border is different.

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