Monday, April 8, 2024

2024 Cub #28 and He Follows the Rules!

 Yesterday the Cubs put reliever Julian Merryweather on the 10 day IL.  Called up from Iowa to replace him on the roster was Daniel Palencia.  A nearly three hour rain delay in the fourth inning forced the Cubs to go to the bullpen early and Palenacia ended up pitching the final three innings.  He gave up one run and earned a save as the Cubs topped the Dodgers 8-1.

The 28 players make a nice 4x7 mosaic.

I picked up his autograph card from series one and with yesterday's appearance, he become a rule follower for me.  Palencia is the 167th Cubs player to have a certified autograph card issued in a season the player made an appearance for the Cubs and the card shows him as a Cub.

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