Saturday, April 13, 2024

Eighties Alphabetically - Chef Boyardee

 When I was growing up you had two options for spaghetti in a can.  It was either Chef Boyardee or Franco American.  I has in a Franco American family.  And when they invented Spaghettios, it was no contest.

That was in the 1970s.  If I had grown up 10-15 years later, I may have sung a different tune because the Chef had baseball cards.  The Chef Boyardee set was a one time only issued in 1988.  Optimistically they had a heading on the cards that said "1st Annual Collector's Edition."  But it was their first and last.

There are 24 cards in the set.  Licensed only by the players, the logos were airbrushed out.  You had to mail in for the set and were sent a full sheet with the 24 cards.  You had to cut them out yourself.


Two of the 24 were Cubs, which is not bad at all.  There are two versions of the Dawson card. The back of one incorrectly lists his 1987 team as the Expos and the other corrects that mistake.  I have the more common one that lists him with the Expos.


  1. That Larry Parrish is noticeably worse that all the others.

    We had both Franco-American and Chef Boyardee when I was kid. Spaghetti-Os were kind of for Saturday lunchtime. Chef Boyardee ravioli was "oh boy, the parents are going out, we get to have cool food." So definitely liked Boyardee more.

    1. We had Spaghettios on Saturday too! Mom worked on Saturdays so dad "cooked" for us.

  2. 2 out of 12. Pretty good. It's funny that a canned pasta company even thought of making baseball cards. I love it!