Tuesday, April 9, 2024

2024 Big League Cubs

 The 2024 edition of Big League came out in late March.  The 310-card checklist is divided into five subgroups: Common – #1-200, Uncommon Rainbow Foil – #201-250, Rare Blue Foil – #251-275, Super Rare Red – #276-300. and Legendary Gold Foil – #301-310.  And of course, the cards become harder to get as you work your way down the checklist.

I  got lucky.  There are ten Cubs in the set, and six of the ten are in the first subgroup.  There are three more in the second group and just one in the third.  No Cubs are in the fourth and fifth groups.

I bought a team set that included cards from the first two groups.  The last card, in the third group, was easy to find and not expensive at all.




These are the cards from the first group


Uncommon Rainbow Foil has these three Cubs.

Cody Bellinger was in the third group, Rare Blue Foil.


  1. Yeah, you lucked out -- I'm still trying to get the Freeman card from last year's set and there's no hope on the Jackie Robinson.
    It took three tries to find a checklist with teams listed, which is appropriate with how BL craps on team collectors. (Also what's with No. 228 not being listed?)

  2. What a horrible checklist design for a release that should be aimed at young collectors.