Wednesday, April 24, 2024

2022 Cubs Season Ticket Holder Set

I recently picked up another of the Cubs season ticket holder sets, this one from 2022.  Topps and the Cubs partnered up to create a 15 card set using the 19878 Topps design.   I'm assuming they used that design because it was also used in 2022 Archives.  They didn't have to make anything new, they used something already set to go.

Not only did the use a recycled recycled front, but they got very lazy with the backs.  Look at that.  There is a lot of blank space.






These are the ten cards of players that were currently with the team.



The other five cards belong to future stars. Of the five, Jordan Wicks is the only one to make any sort of splash with the Cubs.


  1. Interesting to see the "Future Stars" banner with the RC logo. Usually Topps uses "Future Stars" for players the year after their rookie cards.

  2. Gotta track down a copy of that Seiya for the collection. A quick search on eBay showed zero listings. Guess these are pretty rare.