Friday, April 12, 2024

2024 Factory Team Set Cubs

 The factory team sets always seem to just show up.  They aren't typically listed on the upcoming releases schedules, or at a least not on the schedules I have seen.  I wonder why Topps does that?

Last week the Cubs team set showed up in my team set Ebay search.  I found two different sellers that had them.  The overall price was the same with both, but one listing had free shipping while the other had shipping listed separately.  I went with the separate shipping seller because you don't pay sales tax on shipping.  That saves me 6¢ per dollar and every penny counts!

As of Thursday afternoon there were just five sets listed on Trading Card Database.  I'm sure all of the team sets have been released, but that shows me how slow the word is getting out about these.  The Cubs set wasn't on TCDB when I first looked, so I added it.

The set contains 17 cards, as it has since 2010. All of the 17 Cubs are still with the organization, though a few are on the IL and two are in AAA (though still on the 40 man roster).

I'll start with the players that have cards in series one, so these are pictures you've seen before.






These eleven represent all of the Cubs players in series one.  I don't think that happens often, when every single series one player is in the factory team set.  All of the pictures are the same.  It's been a while since Topps used different pictures in the factory set.  The only difference on any of the cards is that Morel's flagship card says Future Stars across the top.




These six are the players with cards new to 2024.  The Leiter card add another wild scream card to the five we had in series one.  We also get two more of the ugly City Connect uniforms, which is a bummer.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who dislikes the City Connect uniforms. Although, I do like the hats.