Saturday, April 27, 2024

Eighties Alphabetically - Classic Cubs

 The title says Classic Cubs, but these are really classic cards.  They are Classic cards.

These cards first came out in 1987 as a part of a baseball trivia game sold by Game Time, Ltd.  The original game contained 100 cards featuring players on the front and trivia questions for the game on the back.  


These are the Cubs cards from the original 1987 set (Sandberg) and the 50-card update set (Dawson).


Two more sets came out in 1988.  The red came first and the blue is the update set.  Each has 50 cards.



There were three sets from 1989, the 100-card original set and two 50-card update sets.

Classic cards continued to be issued through 1993.


  1. Back in the 90's... I wasn't too interested in Classic cards. I did want to add the Gwynns or very specific ones like the Bo holding a bat while wearing his Auburn football gear or the Nolan Ryan card where he's holding the aforementioned Bo.

    But I've grown to appreciate them over the years. I've been adding them here and there (especially on Sportlots) when they're cheap.

    By the way... I wonder what Dawson's reaction was to having to dive out of the way on that yellow bordered card. He's one guy I wouldn't want to upset.

  2. Having attended that Dawson game I can honestly say that this is one of my 2 or 3 favorite cards of all time. I just wish there was a card of Sutcliffe on the mound beating on Eric Show!

  3. Thanks Vander. I just looked it up on YouTube and found the game.