Friday, April 5, 2024

The Cubs 2024 Scorecard

 I picked up the Cubs scorecard while I was at the home opener.  The cards are becoming harder and harder to get.  It used  to be that there were booths right inside the gates that had them.  You always entered the park to the cry of the vendors yelling "Scorecards, get your scorecard here!"

Now, the only place I could find one was at the team store and they were behind the counter there, not even out on display.  I wonder how much longer the Cubs will continue to even sell them?  Will they disappear like the team schedule and media guide?

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the cover.  It is a totally different design from what has been used...

.... the previous three seasons.  I'm glad that they changed it up.

Of course I had to find out the date of the picture of the scoreboard, and that ended up being a bit disappointing.  The Cubs used a picture from 2017, seven years ago!  The picture was take at 6:57 PM on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  The Cubs ended up crushing the Marlins 10-2, so that was a good thing.  But why use a picture on the 2024 scorecard from 2017?  Wasn't there one from a more recent game?

My scorecard (or program, which replaced the four-page scorecard from 1940-1947) collection now spans from 1932 to 2024.  I've got them all pictured below.  Also note that there isn't a scorecard from 2020 since fans weren't allowed to attend games that season.


  1. Unfortunately - tickets, scorecards, media guides like newspapers and magazines are fading away - Luckily not Baseball Cards yet

  2. Yeah, I can remember going to games at Wrigley in the 80s, and the scorecards were everywhere. You'd think if they're worth printing they'd be worth putting out at the concessions places.

  3. Boy, I hope score cards stick around forever. I love keeping score at the game and it's a great souvenir.

  4. That's a cool mosaic of scorecards!