Friday, April 26, 2024

2024 Cub #36

 Cody Bellinger crashed into the outfield wall at Wrigley Tuesday night.  He was taken out of the game with sore ribs as a precaution.  On Wednesday he was found to have fractured a rib and was placed on the IL.  Called up from Iowa to replace him was Pete Crow-Armstrong.  PCA wasn't exactly tearing things up in Iowa, batting just .203.

He was a late inning defensive replacement on Wednesday night but was the starting centerfielder on Thursday afternoon.  He struck out his first two times up and looked clueless.  But on his third AB he smacked a home run into a stiff wind blowing in.  The ball was crushed and I know that for a fact because...

... I was there!  My friend with season tickets had an extra ticket available at the last minute and I gladly accepted his offer to go the the game.  And now I can say that I witnessed PCA's first MLB hit and home run.

The home run was also the difference in the game as it was a two run shot that gave the Cubs a 3-1 lead.  

The lead held up and the Cubs won the game, completing a three-game sweep of the Astros.

I used a picture of his home run trot for his card. The font size for his last name had to be significantly reduced to get it to fit.   I'm sure that he will have an actual card in series two.  I wonder how Topps will deal with it.

And the 36 Cubs of 2024 fit into a nice 4x9 mosaic.

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  1. Great photo selection! Also, very cool that you were there to see it in person!