Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1999 Bowman's Best Cubs

The 1999 version of Bowman's Best is divided into four groups:


Cards 1-85 are the veteran stars.  Grace, Sosa, and Wood are the Cubs' representatives.  That was very easy for Topps.


The next 15 cards are called "Best Performers."   The National League's 1998 MVP and Rookie of the Year would be among those.

The next 50 cards, #101 - 150, were for up-and-coming prospects.  The Cubs were shut out, which doesn't say much about their system at the time.


The final 50 cards in the set were for rookies, and they were short-printed.  Patterson was the only one of the three the had a major league career of any substance.  Again, this doesn't say much about the Cubs system, or maybe it says something loud and clear -- the Cubs farm system was not very good.

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