Thursday, March 15, 2018

2018 Heritage Inserts Cubs

The Heritage inserts fall into two camps, ones that replicate those from the original release, and their regulars.  Today I'll look at the regulars.

Fergie Jenkins get a card in the 15-card Baseball Flashbacks set.  We Flash back to 1969 with a picture of Fergie from 1967 or 1968,  the last year the Cubs wore this style of road jersey.  Flashbacks has been a part of Heritage since 2003 and there have been twelve Cubs cards.

Fergie also gets a Then and Now card, which on the back, lists the NL strikeout leaders from 1969 and 2017.  Leading the league in strikeouts must be very important to Topps.  Then and Now has been a part of Heritage since the beginning, 2001.  This is the 17th Cubs card.

 Bryant and Rizzo are New Age Performers.  This set has also been around since the first Heritage set. There are a total of 26  Cubs cards over the years.

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