Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Heritage 2018 and Topps 1969 Side By Side

Each year I like to take a look at the Heritage cards along side their original counterparts.

The 1969 design should be simple to duplicate.  All you need is the team name, a colored circle for the name and position, and a picture.


I've gone over all of this before....the team font is close, though the black outline on the originals is thicker.  The names inside the circle are close, but not the right size.  The position designations are off.  

Let's worry more about how the two teams compare...









As beloved as the '69 team is, I think to only player on that team I'd take over the '18 group is BIlly Williams.  Ernie was at the end of his career and in decline, Santo and Bryant are close, as are Heyward (better glove) and Hickman (better bat).





The '69 rotation was just three deep and then a prayer (Selma, Nye?).  The '18 staff has these three plus Darvish and Tyler Chatwood.

The '69 Cubs won 92 games and were a huge disappointment.  The 2018 Cubs should be able to win at least that many and have the ability to bring the same joy as the '16 team.


  1. The '69 Banks is the only Cubs card I have that's not part of a complete set. I picked it up after he died. Maybe not his best year, but definitely a favorite photo. (Love the sleeve patch back then.) So weird they can't say "1st" instead of "first" or "outfield" instead of "outfielder." OCD-argh and stuff.

  2. Seriously, you'd take the '18 rotation over Jenkins, Hands and Holtzman? I don't care who follows Jenkins, Hands and Holtzman in the rotation. Lester, Hendricks and Quintana couldn't hold their jockstraps. Jenkins...21 wins, Hands...20 wins, Holtzman...17 wins. Selma was actually excellent until he sort of collapsed at the end. Bill Nye only started 5 games (it was pretty much a 4 man rotation in those days). I've seen them all pitch and thinking the '18 rotation is better is just nuts. Its not even close. I'm a Mets fan and that's like saying Matt Harvey is better than Tom Seaver. I think you underestimate the '69 lineup as well, though at least some arguments could be made there.

  3. It's nice to finally have a squad that compares to my childhood heroes.

  4. Leave it to Topps to not be able to replicate their own designs correctly! Some custom card bloggers here do a better job with their one-offs than the supposed "king of all card manufacturers". SMH

  5. There's a Rookie Stars this year too. I guess we're a few years away from making that comparison though.