Monday, March 12, 2018

Non-Heritage Versions of the 1969 Set

This year's Heritage isn't the only time that the 1969 set design has been borrowed.  I am aware of two non-Topps sets that used the design.  I'd guess there may be others out there besides these two.

1986 Sports Design...This set features 26 cards of retired players like Billy Williams.  Because it is such a small set, they didn't have different colored circles.  Every player got purple.  The font for the team name isn't a close match to the one that Topps used.  I wonder how Topps felt about having their design "borrowed"?

1990 Baseball Card Magazine... This set has 72 cards and it is a pretty fair representation of the '69 set.  The circles match those used by Topps, as you see that Ryno has an orange one.  They also got the positions correct, "2nd Base" as opposed to what Heritage did this year. "Second Baseman."  How is it that a non-Topps company does a better job than Topps?

Anyone aware of any other sets that used the 1969 design?


  1. Not sure of any other sets, but I do own a few of the uncut sheets found in the Baseball Card Magazine.

  2. I don't know of any other sets. I do like the Williams card. It's 12:10 on a summer's day at Wrigley. Lets play two!