Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Donruss 2018 Cubs

Yesterday I had an autograph card from the 2018 Donruss set.  Today I've got all the Cubs base cards.

There are a total of 270 cards in the complete Donruss set for this year.  They are divided into four subsets.  Cards 1-30 are the Diamond Kings.  The next 20 cards are the rated rookies.  The base set is next, with card #51 - 200.  They are followed by 20 two player combo cards.  Wrapping up the set are 50 Retro 1984 cards.

Anthony Rizzo is the Cubs Diamond King.  What a very blah looking card, especially for the Diamond King series.  The Cubs were shut out with the rated rookies, so we move onto the base cards.


There are ten Cubs among the 150 cards of the base set.  The Contreras card is my favorite, since, as I said yesterday, you don't usually see much of the logos are catchers cards.

Ryno is the only Cubs on a combo card.  This is from the 1992 All Star game in San Diego, when these two were among the National League starters.


Bryant, Happ, and Rizzo were included in the final subset, the 1984 retro cards.

Here's a look at the original and the retro versions side by side.  I don't know why they have Bryant's name over a red background instead of purple.  Also, the 8 from 18 is not the same style as the 8 in 84.


  1. In a few months, I will have been collecting baseball cards for two years. This is the first set to come out since then, that really disappoints. I want to like it, but the more I see these pop up on blogs, the less I like them.

  2. I really thought I would like the '84 cards... but once you compare them to the original, I can see they leave a lot to be desired.