Monday, March 5, 2018

They Should Be Called "Transogram"

The 2018 Heritage set has four insert sets that mimic some 1969 inserts or brands.


There's the Deckle Edge..


... and Decals that were inserts in the 1969 set.


The Bazooka set copies the one that was on boxes of Bazooka gum.

And then there are these:


The Heritage checklist calls them Collector Cards.  But I don't know of any collectors who use that name to refer to the originals.  The originals are Transogram cards.  They were put out by the Transogram company and were found on the box of a player figure.

The box says "Collector Card on Back" but no one refers the them as that.  They are Transogram.  If you Google "Collector Cards 1969" you won't get these.  Google "Transogram cards 1969" and you get a bunch of sites referring to these yellow gems.

I never knew that Topps made the Transogram cards, though it has been pointed out that the name font is almost identical to that on the 1968 cards.

Some of the Transogram cards have the same pictures as Topps cards, too.  The clues were there, I just never noticed.

The Transogram company were belly-up in the early 1970s, so I'd assume there's no legal reason for Topps to not call them "Transogram."  I'm not a lawyer, so maybe I'm wrong.

But it seems wrong to me for the yellow cards to be called anything other than "Transogram."


  1. Seems more wrong to call those deckle edge things "cards". That is seriously Topps homage to the original? What is with that shop job on the images? Simple black and white filter, Topps.

  2. Topps is really out of touch with not only their own history but baseball card history.