Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My First 2018 Heritage Cards

The two retail insert sets (Decals and Collector Card Transogram) are cards that I have to get via Ebay, since Brentandbecca busts only hobby cases.  Yesterday the first of the cards arrived.


These are the ones I wrote about yesterday, the Transogram cards.

Now lets look at the Heritage and Transogram cards side by side to see how well Topps did.


Mistakes in the Heritage version include:
  • Putting the name too close to the bottom of the picture
  • Writing out the position instead of using numbers - 1st Base vs. First Baseman
  • Putting the team name in italics
  • RIght justifying the weight and birthdate
  • Left justifying bats and Home

And the biggest mistake of all...

No lines for cutting out the cards!


  1. This is probably a big reason why I'm not as much of a fan of Heritage as a lot of people are. The nostalgic feeling doesn't work if it's wrong.

  2. I just can't believe that the differences are mistakes. My left brained mind says Topps has a reason for not more closely duplicating old designs. Very frustrating not to know the real story.