Friday, March 2, 2018

Looking Forward to Heritage

Heritage is out.  Auctions are up on Ebay.  I wait patiently.

I am really looking forward to this year's Heritage because the 1969 set it the first one I collected.  I used many nickels to buy stacks of wax packs.


Last year I made my own version of what I thought Kris Bryant's card would look like.  Mine in on the left, the Topps version is on the right.  I put him in a 1960's Wrigley Field.  Topps put him in Mesa. I also used the same position designation as was used in 1969.  Topps changed it.  Sorry, Topps, but I think mine is better looking.

There is a decent number of Cubs cards in the set, and Brentandbecca will be sending them to me.  The checklist includes:

Base Cards:
20 Anthony Rizzo
43 Jon Lester
63 Ian Happ
80 Kris Bryant
106 Chicago Clubbers - Bryant and Rizzo
107 Kris Bryant - checklist
126 Jose Quintana
171 Javier Baez
241 Addison Russell
247 Willson Contreras
264 Carl Edwards Jr.
268 Kyle Schwarber
288 Jake Arrieta
362 Kris Bryant All Star
368 Jason Heyward
297 Dillon Maples
297 Jen Ho Tsent
297 Taylor Davis

The Dreaded Shortprints:
403 Ben Zobrist
411 Albert Almora
423 Kyle Hendricks
430 Wade Davis
455 Drew Smyly

1969 Collectors Cards - Target Only
69CC-AR Anthony Rizzo
69CC-KB Kris Bryant

1969 Decals Set - Walmart only
4 Kris Bryant
7 Anthony Rizzo

1969 Deckle Edge Set
18 Kris Bryant
19 Anthony Rizzo

Baseball Flashback
BF-FJ Fergie Jenkins

Clubhouse Collection
CCR-AR Anthony Rizzo
CCR-ARU Addison Russell
CCR-JB Javier Baez
CCR-KB Kris Bryant
CCR-JL Jon Lester
CCR-KSC Kyle Schwarber

New Age Performers
NAP-18 Kris Bryant
NAP-19 Anthony Rizzo

Then and Now
TN-14 Fergie Jenkins


  1. I look forward to seeing your Heritage posts. When I came back to the hobby I didn't understand why we needed a set like Heritage, but I've come around the last couple of years. The cards look great from what I have seen on Ebay. You're correct... your Bryant IS better looking.

  2. 1969 is also the year I first started collecting baseball cards too (now I'm only a few cards away from completing that set). Maybe for that reason I love the design and was also looking forward to 2018 Heritage (I pretty much ignored Heritage before thia year). I've busted two boxes and I'm still in the process of scanning and sorting for my blog. I do really like this product but it could have been done a wee bit better. This is a really tough set to complete but I'm going to see if I can complete it in the next 5 to 20 years, lol.

  3. I love your idea of putting in the older stadium in the background!