Friday, March 16, 2018

Deckle Disappointment

Three of this year's Heritage inserts are based on items from 1969.  I've already shown two (Collector Cards and Decals) of the three, which were retail only.

Today I've got the one that came in hobby packs.  It's also one that I was really looking forward to, the Deckle Edge cards.

I very clearly remember getting the originals in packs in 1969.  They were smaller than regular cards, had a funky edge, were glossy and printed on a photo-type paper, and had a blue autograph.  I really liked them, hence my anticipation for the Heritage version.

Boy was I disappointed with Heritage.  The deckle cards were the same size as regular cards.  They are on regular cardboard.  They weren't glossy.  They are deckle cards only because of the edge.

Topps seemed to go the extra mile with the decals.  Why did they go only a block with the deckle edge?

The Heritage checklist has 30 cards.  The usual two insert Cubs, Bryant and Rizzo were included.


On cardboard, the black and white looks faded.


The glossy originals had more clarity.  That just adds more to the disappointment.


  1. I agree. Clearly a disappointment

  2. Not to mention these were just done in Archives a few years ago?

  3. Who knows why Topps does anything?

  4. I pulled a Benintendi deckle out of a retail blaster, so I'm thinking they're across-the-board inserts.

    1. Oh, and yes... they are quite disappointing.