Saturday, March 17, 2018

2018 Clubhouse Collection Cubs

I chase the relics with just a couple brands, and Heritage is one of them.  It was easy early on when there was just one or two Cubs in the Clubhouse Collection.  Over the years the number has grown, and this year I needed six.

Brentandbecca was able to pull all six, so they were just added to my order.  It was nice to get them all at once.  It was cheaper too, as I didn't have to pay for shipping six times.

Topps made relics for the usuals.... Baez, Bryant, Lester, Rizzo, Russell, and Schwarber.  I sure hope that sometime soon there will be a relic card from someone for Kyle Hendricks.  He has yet to have a relic, or a certified autograph.

All of these are jersey cards.  The Lester card has a late '70s pajama piece, which is nice.  Does Topps do bat cards any more?


  1. I also pulled the pajama jersey Lester card and yes, Topps does do bat cards. I found one from Heritage of Jose Altuve. Nice cards!

  2. Solid design. I'm always happy to add affordable Heritage Clubhouse Collection relics to my collection.