Saturday, March 10, 2018

Topps 1969 Cubs

I'm still waiting on my Heritage, so here's a tile with all of the Cubs cards from 1969.

One big advantage for Heritage is that is won't include any ugly airbrushed or hatless cards.  The '69 Cubs includes four players with their hat airbrushed and three more without any hat.  

I do not miss the days of those nasty looking cards at all!


  1. That's weird that you haven't gotten yours yet, mine came Monday. Did you buy extras that were holding your shipment up?

    There are 3 hatless in 2018 and the Drew Smyly has to be doctored, but nowhere near as badly as these.

  2. That's odd that there were only 8 pitchers in the Cubs set in 1969. In an era when teams routinely had 10 pitchers on their roster, most Topps' team sets had 9 to 11 pitcher cards.