Friday, March 30, 2018

2018 Factory Cubs Team Set

I have in hand the 2018 Topps Factory Cubs Team set.  Topps has been issuing the team sets since 2006 and there have been 17 cards per set since 2010. 

The factory set features the same basic design as the base set and Opening Day.  Like Opening Day, it gives us a preview of the cards of some players that we haven't seen yet.  I'll start with those:


Seven of the 17 are first timers.  The Morrow card is a photoshop job.  If he is included in Series Two, I'll have to check and see if Topps uses the same picture again.


These three players were missing from Series One, but have cards in Opening Day.  The factory card uses the same picture.



These five have cards in Series One, Opening Day, and the Factory set, and all have the same picture.

The final two cards have some picture variations....


The Contreras card has a picture that is not on either the Series One or Opening Day card. That makes his the only picture variation in the Factory set.  The Quintana card is the same as Series One, though Opening Day used a different picture.

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