Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Heritage 2018 Is Finally Here!

My Heritage shipment has finally arrived and you can expect to see its contents over the next several days.

I'll start today with the base set.  There are 21 Cubs cards and all the major names are included.



Of course two of these, Arrieta and Davis, are no longer with the Cubs, having signed free agent contracts elsewhere.  Drew Smyly seems like an odd choice to include too.  But it seems like every year Topps has an oddball Cub they latch on to.  Two years ago it was Carl Edwards and last year Rob Zastryzny seemed to be everywhere.  Is this the year of the Smyly?


  1. I'm going to guess Drew Smyly is not the guy they latch onto, it could likely be Tyler Chatwood. Granted, he's not in this set, but if he breaks into the regular rotation, I could see him being the guy. Or maybe more likely Darvish once they can get him into the uniform and into EVERYTHING. Maybe Tseng, as he's already creeping into "prospect" cards.

  2. Smyly has been around a while, the others were rookies but good to ee a card of him

  3. Why does Bryant get an All-Star card? If I remember correctly, Wade Davis was the lone Cubs player at the All-Star game last year.