Wednesday, March 7, 2018

All I've Got of Him: Jon Lester

The 2018 season will be Jon Lester's fourth with the Cubs.  He was an expensive free-agent signing in 2015.  It was money well spent as he helped lead the Cubs to the title in 2016.  Right now he's the Cubs #1 starter and will be taking the hill on opening day.

Topps has not been shy about including him in various sets.  I've got 61 different cards of him over those three years and a bit of the fourth.  I'm guessing the total will grow to nearly 70 cards by the end of 2018.

While putting the tile together, I got a laugh out of this card...

...which shows him tossing to first to get an out.  He had a problem doing that this past Sunday.

Here's a look at all 61 cards:


  1. I miss having Lester as a Red Sox...

  2. Great collection. I saw that play. How about Scottie Pippen's response! Good that Jon has a sense of humor about it. I guess bunting is a bit of a lot art and not that many guys on a team were ever great at it but you'd think more teams would attempt to take advantage of Lester's problem. Is is one of those unwritten laws that stops them?