Monday, November 23, 2015

All the Base Topps Cubs From 2015

With the Update cards stored safely in the binder, I can wrap things up for all the Topps Cubs from 2015.  Today I take a look at the base cards.

Between Series One, Two, and Update, I've got a total of 35 base Cubs.

There is the team card

A combo card

Twenty-six player cards

three debut cards


and four from the All Star game.

And if you want to see all 35 cards in one handy location, here you go:

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  1. For those collectors that need to have it all (in this case, all the Topps cards), there are the Limited and mini sets that are freshly on the market. Topps duplicated the cards for each version - numbered to about 1,000 - and that gives the player and team collector another set of headaches. Each can be had for decent prices (even Bryant) but since I know you like to have the complete set of all of it, thought I would add that note.