Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All the Cubs Inserts from Topps 2015

Inserts a plenty this year, a total of 23.

The total is no where near the 2010 count (36) or 2011 (35), but its much better that the past couple years, 2013 (16) and 2014 (18).  I'm guessing that next year the total will be back in the 30s.

There were 13 insert sets that ignored the Cubs: Archetypes, Baseball Royalty, Eclipsing History, Gallery of Greats, Heart of the Order, Hot Streak, Inspired Play, Robbed, Rookie Sensations, Stepping Up, Tape Measure Blasts, Til Its Over, and Whatever Works.

Sets that had a Cub in them were...


All Star Access

Baseball History




First Home Run



First Pitch

Free Agent 40

Highlight of the Year


Pride and Perseverance



Spring Fever

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  1. You've been one busy Cubs collector. Happy Thanksgiving. If I could I'd give you a turkey with a pop-up thermometer that has a Cubs logo on it. Or maybe a timer that played Go, Cubs, Go?