Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Cubs 2016 Schedule

The Cubs have released their preliminary 2016 schedule.

This is the same basic style that they've been using the past few years, with a cloth-type motif.

The schedule lists dates,opponents and game times for most of the home dates and about half of the away games.  It's still a little early for teams to nail down the exact starting times.  There is also some waiting for Fox and ESPN to pick their games.

The schedule also is already incorrect.  It shows the Cubs opening in Anaheim against the Angels on April 5.  A couple weeks ago it was announced that the game will be moved up by a day and shown nationally.

In January the Cubs will release an updated version of the schedule at the Cubs Convention.  All the dates and times should be finalized by then.


  1. Last week, I printed out all of the schedules of the teams from my roadtrip this summer to hash out next year's trip. Unfortunately I couldn't find a stretch that was an exact recreation or even going the opposite way (starting in Myrtle Beach instead of ending there). I guess I really lucked out last year!

    I'm still looking though! Maybe I'll have to incorporate Cincinnati or St. Louis this year?

  2. I'm sure its a crazy puzzle to try to fit together.... good luck! Let me know if you'll be in South Bend...would you mind a tag-along or two at that game?