Thursday, November 19, 2015

Joe Maddon - Manager of the Year, 2015, Gone by 2017?

So Joe Maddon was named 2015 National League Manager of the Year.  Good for him.

He'll be gone some time in 2107.


Joe is the fourth Cubs manager to win the Manager of the Year award.  Take a look at the history with the three other winners.

Jim Frey...won the award in 1984, fired during the 1986 season.

Don Zimmer...won the award in 1989, fired during the 1991 season.

Lou Piniella...won the award in 2008, quit during the 2010 season.

History says that if you win the award as Cubs manager, you are gone from the team in less than two years.  Joe needs to break the pattern!

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