Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Wrigley Wax Top Nine Binder Page

Junior Junkie posted last week looking for everyone's favorite cards in a binder page.  What a cool idea!

Here's what I came up with.  But first, this is a virtual page.  The '54 Ernie Banks rookie card wouldn't fit in a 9 pocket page.  So I used photoshop to create this.

Being the organized person that I am, the cards are in alphabetical order.

Top row: Ernie Banks rookie card...the pride of my collection; Darwin Barney 2013 Heritage Venezuelan - I had to include a Barney card and I went with the one I'm hording; Ed Bouchee autograph...the only major league player that I've actually had a conversation with.

Middle row:  Bill Buckner jersey...I wanted to include a relic, so I went with one of my favorite players and a pajama blue jersey to, win!; T206 Frank Chance, hall of famer and the manager of the Cubs last championship team; 1972 Topps Cubs team - Floating Heads!!

Bottom row:  2006 Greats of the Game Ryne Sandberg autograph; 1970 Kelloggs Ron Santo - love the 3D cards; Topps 1974 Billy Williams - the only pack-pulled card I've got of my favorite player.


  1. Great page! How many of the Venezuelan Barney cards are you up to? Isn't the print run something like 10 or 15?

  2. I've got ten. Topps never said what the print run is. I've seen guesses of 25 - 40.