Thursday, May 19, 2016

What I'm Missing From the Billy Williams PSA Collection

Adding the 1965 Bazooka Billy meant that I am up to 99 of the 127 items on the PSA master list that show Billy Williams as a Cub.

That also means that I am missing 28 items.

Getting these will not be easy by both availability and cost.  They are rare and expensive.

Below are the 28 items that I need.  You'll notice that six on the list are in red.  Those are the only items that I could find on Ebay.  The price is included too.  After looking at the price you'll know why I haven't hit the BIN on any of them.

1962 Shirriff Coins Billy Williams
1962-1965 Jay Publishing Photos-Type 2 Billy Williams Portrait Pose To Chest,Dark Background
1962-1965 Jay Publishing Photos-Type 2 Billy Williams Portrait, Pose To Waist, Arms Crossed
1962-1965 Jay Publishing Photos-Type 2 Billy Williams Portrait-Pose To Waist, Fence Background
1964 Bazooka Stamps Billy Williams
1964 Bazooka Stamps MLB Players Complete Panel
1964 Rawlings Glove Box-Hand Cut Billy Williams - $26.99
1964 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet The 1961 Topps...
1964 Venezuela Topps Billy Williams
1965 Bazooka Panel Hand Cut Torre/Williams/Chance
1965 Old London Coins Billy Williams $60.00
1966 Bazooka Panel Hand Cut Kaline/Fisher/Williams
1966 Chicago Cubs Team Issue Billy Williams
1966 Venezuela Topps Cubs Team
1966/67 Bazooka Billy Williams Hand Cut
1967 Bazooka Panel Hand Cut Kaline/Alou/Williams - $349.00
1967 Pro's Pizza Billy Williams
1967 Topps Punch-Outs Billy Williams
1967 Venezuela Topps Billy Williams
1968 Bazooka Billy Williams Hand Cut $350.00
1968 Kahns Wieners Billy Williams $39.00
1968 Topps Action All-Star Stickers Billy Williams/Rod Carew/Tony Gonzalez
1969 Chicago Cubs Photos Billy Williams
1969 Topps Super Billy Williams
1971 Topps Greatest Moments Billy Williams $199.00
1972 Kelloggs Billy Williams Missed Only One Last Season
1973 Kelloggs Williams/Blass/ Matlack-Panel
1973 Topps Comics Billy Williams

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