Monday, January 30, 2017

1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball Ron Santo

Reader Mark was kind enough to send this card my way


It come from the 1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball set.  A total of 50 cards were in the set, 40 regular cards and ten that won you some cash.  

You'd get the game piece after buying some gas, and then open it up to see which player you got.  There were five winners from each league, two worth $5, two worth $10, and one would get you $100.

The Santo card was a loser, but he was the only Cub loser in the set.

Ernie Banks has a card and it you got it, you won $100. Go Mr. Cub!

Billy Williams has a card and it is a $5 winner.  Nice job, Billy!

Needless to say, the Billy and Ernie cards are extremely scarce.  After all, why would some one not redeem the card for some cash.  

Both Billy and Ernie's cards from this set are not included on PSA's master set.  I'm guessing that no collector has got one to submit to be included on the list.  I couldn't even find an image of one.  Nothing on Google Images, ebay, PSA, or any of the other usual places.

I can safely say that this is one Cub set that I will never, ever complete.

But thank you Mark for one of the three!


  1. Glad to help you out. The George Scott is the Redsox guy who is harder to grab. Also there are two versions of each card. They have "logo" backs and instruction backs.

  2. Win for me--as a Santo collector.

  3. It'd be pretty cool to find out how many copies of Ernie Banks were actually produced and if there are actually any copies floating around in the hobby these days. This would be a pretty cool card to chase down if you ever attend The National.

  4. Man, there are a couple of us who've been looking for the Banks card for years. I have a friend who would pay whatever it takes to get one, and even he hasn't yet found one.

  5. Not only are the Banks and Williams not included in their respective Master Sets, but there isn't a single PSA-graded example of either.