Saturday, January 28, 2017

The 1974 Floating Heads

...moving right along.

We skip over 1973 because there was a regular team picture for Topps to use.  But in 1974 the floating heads returned.

The first thing you'll notice is that the orientation of the team photo was changed from vertical to horizontal.  That was good for Topps because the previous two floating head cards had to be vertical, the only team cards in each set that went in that direction.  Now the Cubs card matches the others.

The photo also added uniform numbers, making it much easier to identify the players.  This is the last photo with most of the '69 Cubs.  The major purge began after the 1973 season.

I could only find one version of the photo, and it matches the Topps card.  Did the Cubs stop doing updates?

And who do we have in the picture?

Row 1: Whitey Lockman, Ron Santo, Don Kessinger, Glenn Beckert, Pat Bourque, Randy Hundley
Row 2: Billy Williams, Carmen Fanzone, Jose Cardenal, Jim Hickman, Paul Popovich, Rick Monday, Gene Hiser, Ken Rudolph
Row 3: Fergie Jenkins, Milt Pappas, Burt Hooton, Rick Reuschel, Bob Locker, Ray Burris, Jack Aker, Ddave LaRoche
Row 4: Bill Bonham, Larry Gura, Adrian Garrett, Cleo James, Ernie Banks, Larry Jansen, Pete Reiser, Hank Aguirre


  1. On the 1975 Team Card, They have a team picture, but one of the players in the upper right has face whited out. Do you know who that player was?

    1. I've never seen the original photo from 1974 that was used on the '75 card, but I'm working on trying to get a copy of it. Stay tuned.

  2. excellent catch, Lynn P. i've looked at that card for 41 years and never noticed.