Saturday, January 14, 2017

1992 McCubs

Here's another easy complete brand, McDonalds.

They teamed up with Topps for a one and done in 1992.  Their Baseball's Best was available in the NY and Philly areas only.  You could get a pack of five cards from 99¢ and the purchase of an Extra Value Meal or for $1.79 with any other purchase.  The set has 44 players and two were Cubs.

You can't go wrong with a couple of Hall of Famers.

These cards came out the same year Topps introduced the gold parallels to their base set.  It looks like they used the same gold process on these cards.


  1. I seem to remember you having a rule of thumb of sticking to "bigger" team sets. Is that changing as you're looking for things to add? Or do these just fall under your retailer/food brands genre?

    1. Early on I did, but I'm running out of big sets, so little sets it is!