Thursday, January 19, 2017

All I've Got of Him: Cap Anson

Cap Anson was the first Mr. Cub, or actually, during his time it would have been Mr. White Stocking.

He was the face of the franchise for over twenty years (1876 - 1897) as both a player and a manager.  He is also the one and only player to record his 3000th hit as a Cub.

I have no original cards from his playing days.  All I've got are later issues or reprints.


  1. How many players who spent time with the Cubs finished with 3000 hits? I guess just two others, Rafael Palmeiro and the obvious one, Lou Brock.
    Wheel of Fortune Before and After--Cap --Anson--_______

    1. You're right, just Brock and Palmeiro.

      Williams?? (Happy Days)

    2. That's what I was thinking. Potsy!