Sunday, January 1, 2017

Grading My 2016 Collecting Goals

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2017, the year of the World Champion Chicago Cubs!
(most years I've written the "year of the World Champion Chicago Cubs" line facetiously...but not this year!!!!!)

As I've done each January 1, I'm going to go back and review my goals from the previous year.

GOAL #1: Add my usual Cubs team sets as they are released: Topps flagship, Heritage, Opening Day, Factory Team set, Bowman, Allen and Ginter, Chrome, Gypsy Queen, and Update.   Grade - A... I was able to add all of these

GOAL #2: Add the complete sets of the flagship, update, and Allen and Ginter.  I've got a flagship run starting with 1969 and the complete run of Traded / Update and Allen and Ginter.  I see no reason to stop.  Grade - A... Flagship added

GOAL #3: Add any autograph and relic cards for Cubs players that haven't previously had one.  I'm done with players from previous seasons, so now its just a matter of adding new guys as cards are issued.  Grade - A... Relics of seven current Cubs were added plus seven more autographs.

GOAL #4: Continue adding to the player collections.  I'll continue filling in missing Barney parallels and PSA Billy items. Grade - B... Slowed down here because I'm running out of things to get.  I've got just about every Barney item and the PSA Billy items I'm missing are the rare and expensive ones.

GOAL #5: Add odd-ball sets. I plan to keep up my daily search of ebay for these. Grade - B... I'm also starting to run out of these, though I did add cards from Post, Marketside, Attax, Fun Foods, and Jewel.

GOAL #6:  Harpoon a white whale....the 2014 Barney clear acetate card and/or a Kris Bryant autograph.  I don't have too much control with this one, though. Grade - A... I got both the Bryant autograph and the Barney clear!!

GOAL #7: Write something about the collection every day. Grade - A... 2016 had 366 days, WW had 366 posts

GOAL #8:  Enjoy working on goals 1-7. I'm in trouble when I can't meet this goal. Grade - A... Still enjoying!!


  1. I really enjoy starting every morning off with a WW post to go along with my breakfast. Thanks for all the posts and I look forward to what your blog has to offer in 2017!

  2. Great job on your 2016 goals! I should definitely add Goal #8 to my list. Happy New Year!

  3. I agree with P-Town. I don't comment too often, but I still read every day. I find a lot of good reference on here to help my own Cubs collection. And I love anything Cubs and Cubs cards so it's perfect.
    I even tried my own blog a few years ago and I just can't seem to come up with fun creative content to keep going day after day, so props to you.