Monday, February 5, 2018

A Half Century of Topps

The local Walmart is typically weeks behind the rest of the collecting world, but not this year.  A trip to the store over the weekend brought me some Topps 2018 packs.  This is big news because I've never seen loose packs here before.  It's been blaster, hangers, and other assorted packaging, but never packs.

I snagged three, two to rip and one to display.

You can tell that this is a Walmart pack because of the yellow band at the top.  I am chasing those Kris Bryant cards.  More on that in the near future.

With this pack, I now have a half century of Topps packs on display, starting with 1969 and running through 2018.  I can squeeze in one more pack on the bottom shelf and then in 2020 I'll need to add another. 


  1. That looks great in a photo, I can't imagine how awesome it looks in a photo!

    I'm not 100% about this, but are the 1973 and 1977 packs in each other's place?

    1. Ugh, clearly not awake yet. That should've read " awesome it looks in real life!"

      Caffeine... must get caffeine...

  2. This is so awesome. And I'm impressed with your will power to not open them all.

  3. Wrigley Wax III is going to have a field day some day!

  4. Someone switched your 73 and 77 packs.

  5. This is very cool...don't know if this has been asked, but why no Series 2 (or Update) packs?

  6. The early years had just one design per year. To be consistent, I decided to continue with one per year. I use Series one because it's first out and I want to get the new one up on the wall ASAP.