Tuesday, February 13, 2018

All I've Got of Him: Ken Holtzman

The Oscar Gamble post got me in a '69 Cubs mood.  I've done an "All I've Got of HIm" post on most of the main guys.  I haven't done Ernie Banks or Billy Williams because I have too many cards of each to make a decent looking tile.

The only other main player I haven't done is pitcher Ken Holtzman.  I wonder if the casual fan thinks of Holtzman as a 3-time world champ with the A's rather than I Cub? 

For me, Holtzman, a lefty like me, was a Cub who spent some time in exile before returning to his rightful place at Clark and Addison.

When he came to the majors in 1965, Holtzman was compared favorably to Sandy Koufax - both Jewish, lefties, hard-throwing.  He never attained the lofty heights of a Koufax, but he did have a very good career.

Career uighlights include:

  • 174 wins
  • 1601 strikeouts
  • 2 no hitters
  • World Series record of 4-1, ERA of 2.55
I've got a total of 23 Hotlzman cards.  There are nine Topps cards from his playing days, five more from other sets while he was active, and nine others from after he retired.


  1. I'd love to add him to my ATCRCS collection but from what I've seen recently, his signature has gotten so bad and he signs TTM requests in ballpoint pen. I've been keeping an eye out for a private signing or an appearance at a show. Would like something close to that Past Time Pennants.


    1. Holtzman's show fee is pretty high so you might be better served picking up a cert like the Past Time sigs if you're not fussy about what card you have signed. He is rumored to sign his mail like crap on purpose and his auto at shows is much nicer.

  2. Definitely think of him as an Oakland A. That '75 Topps card of him is burned in my brain.