Thursday, February 22, 2018

Include with the Team Set?

Topps shows this card as a National League card.

My question - do I add this to my Cubs team set?

Before I get to the answer, a little about the card itself....


Why pair these two together?  If it was Rizzo and Bryant, I get it.  Bryzzo.

I could understand a pairing of Bryant and Harper, too, as they are both Las Vegas natives.

But putting Rizzo and Harper together and then corrupting Bryzzo and using Rizzarper?

That is just dumb.

So does this belong with my other Cubs cards?

I'm leaning towards yes.

It's wouldn't be the first time I've included other National League cards.

What say you??


  1. I think the answer is yes, but I would also say this card is the weakest link well behind the rookie stars card you show above and all the league leaders cards.

  2. I agree that you should. These remind me of a half hearted attempted duplicate some of the great multiplayer cards from the last 50s early 60s. For example I know I have a card featuring Willie Mays and Richie Ashburn as part of my Giants team set.

  3. You should, but unless it's a checklist (is it?) it's a typical Topps waste of a card.

  4. Interesting, because I didn't even hesitate. I didn't even stop to think that the Cubs logo wasn't on it, or even Anthony Rizzo's whole name. But then again, I'm all in on this card because I was at the game.

    The 2017 World Series Highlights cards use that logo instead of the Cubs, but the player is at least named.

    Do you include the 80s Fleer checklists that were sorted by team?

  5. I'd say yes, assuming you included the Bryant and Harper from last year's Heritage as a Cubs card.

  6. I believe we've had this conversation before:

    Of course you include it.

  7. The masses have spoken... I'll be making a Sportlots purchase tonight

  8. Any base card (Ser. 1, 2, Update/Traded) with a Brave on it goes into my team sets.