Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Quest For Bryant

Among the inserts sets in series one is a 30-card Kris Bryant Highlights set.  It seems like Topps is stretching things, giving a 30 card set to a guy with just three years in the majors.

A couple years ago there was a 50-card Wrigley Field set.  Those I was able to get through my usual Brentandbecca order.  The Bryant set, however, isn't that easy.

The cards are a Walmart exclusive.  That means no Brentandbecca.  I'm going to have to get these on my own.

My initial thought was to get them the old fashioned way, by ripping packs.  I bought a 10-pack Walmart blaster to get started.



Ten packs netted four cards.  At that rate I would need to by seven more blasters and pray that I didn't get any doubles, which seems very unlikely.  Ripping was out.

Next I went to Ebay.  Many of the cards were available for $2-3 each plus shipping.  Getting 30 cards would be an expensive proposition.  A couple sellers also had 6-10 card lots, but I would have a very tough time matching the lots to the needed cards.  Ebay was out.

It was on to Sportlots and there I was able to make things happen.  On Saturday night I practically cleaned out their inventory, getting 15 cards.  Even better, the cost, despite multiple sellers, was cheaper that the price of one blaster.  Fifteen cards for less than the price of four.  Sold!

Over the next couple days I went back to Sportlots and picked up the rest of the missing cards.  I'm hoping to have all of them in hand by the time by brentandbecca order arrives.


  1. Are there parallels to these or is it random that one has blue pixels, one has black and 2 have white along the right sides?

  2. There are black and blue parallels and it looks like I pulled one of each.

  3. So 30 becomes 90...if that's your thing. Yay?

  4. I'll be curious to see if any sellers inadvertently send you parallels, especially from Sportlots which barely uses photos. I don't know if the backs are different but they are very subtle on the front.

  5. Parallels of inserts. Ack.
    If I can snag one or two of these I'll be happy... unless there's one commemorating a WS highlight. Then I need that one for my WS binder!

    1. Yep... if you come across a double of KB-10 or KB-7... then I'm your man. World Series! There may be more, but that's all I could find by doing a quick search.
      Also, there red parallels. You know. Because we need more parallels.

  6. Sportlots saves the day. Congratulations!