Monday, April 16, 2018

2016 Topps Now Cubs April - June

I spent a chunk of time on Sunday scanning in the rest of the Topps Now cards, 90 of them.  They are all from the base set sent to me by Matt. 

There are actually 92 Cubs cards in the base sest.  The two I'm missing are the first two.  Card #14 features Addison Russell.  It has a print run of just 331 cards.  There's one on Ebay for $219, so I don't plan on adding it to my collection. 

The second missing cards is #26, and it shows John Lackey getting a win against the Cardinals, the 30th team he's defeated.  The card has an even smaller print run than the Russell card, just 244.  A graded version is listed for $12,000 - yes 12 thousand dollars.  Pass!

Today I'll show the rest of the Cubs cards from the months of April through June.


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