Thursday, April 5, 2018

2018 Gypsy Queen Cubs

The 2018 Gypsy Queen set came out a few weeks ago.  It came out around the same time as Opening Day, the Stickers, and the Factory team sets.  Of those four, it's the one I looked forward to the least.  Ginter is the quirky, fun tobacco set.  GQ is....??  So why do we need another tobacco brand?

The checklist has 300 current players.  Divide that among 30 teams and there should be ten cards per team.  That's exactly how it worked out for the Cubs - ten cards.







  1. I agree with you completely... I don't understand why we need GQ. I'm afraid if Topps took it away though, they would replace it with another super high-end set that none of us could afford to rip.

  2. I like the 5 road/5 home split. No grays or throwbacks though.

    Probably an unpopular opinion but for me, GQ is much better than A&G. While I don't care for the excessive flourishes in the borders of either set, action shots are better than posed shots. I get if you are going for a vintage feel, posed shots are the way to go, but for me they are boring.

    GQ inserts are much better done and more pertinent to my collection than the non-baseball stuff of A&G. This year's Tarot and Fortune Teller are great, as were previous years' Glove Stories, Sliding Stars and Dealing Aces.

    I always appreciate "themed" photo variations such as capless or 42 like GQ did this year and the green, red and indigo parallels are nice. With that said, the wrong team and missing team plate parallels nonsense were a big swing and miss.

    A&G is team set only for me, while I might pick up other insert sets from GQ.

  3. I find everything about GQ boring, ugly or really ugly. The inserts that people rave about have this carnival-freak show-bearded lady vibe to it that doesn't appeal to me at all. Plus, it's too expensive for what you get. But, weirdly, this is year seven of this stuff, so, that's the consumer public for you.