Monday, April 9, 2018

The Living Set

The latest gimmick set from Topps is the Living Set.  Its named "Living" because there is no end to the set.  It will have cards released forever (or until Topps deems it unprofitable).

The cards feature the design of the 1952 set.  Each week three new cards are released and they are available for only one week.  The cards can be bought only through  You can get the three of the week for $14.99 or individual cards for $7.99.

Despite the high price, I've decided (for now) to get the Cubs cards as they become available.  I had to make that decision already because Ian Happ was among the three players in the week 2 offering.

I'm sure sometime down the line cards will be made for Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Addison Russell, Kyle Schwarber, and Jon Lester.  So for now, I'm in.


  1. Upper Deck has something similar - except instead of player cards, the cards focus on special moments from the week past.

  2. Got mine over the weekend, too. Did you just opt for the Happ or did you get the 3-pack?

  3. I have been somewhat impressed with Topps in the Living arrangement that they are spreading around the names. Rather than tossing out Bryant, Harper and Trout first, they went with Nick Castellanos and Joe Panik with Aaron Judge. Interesting. Possibly a geographic decision to hit different parts of the country, but an interesting take nonetheless. It's possible the next Cubs cards could be Justin Wilson and Willson Contreras rather than Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant! We'll see. But an interesting concept by Topps (I like the 53 Topps look, but kinda wish they would have created an original format - even a push off of an old design.)

  4. I would add, however, that the inclusion of Jeter makes me worry a little that going forward they might not be including current players each week, but rather we'll see more Yankees greats and Jose Canseco and Hank Aaron.

    1. But maybe we will see a Ryno, Hawk, Billy, Ernie, Fergie or Santo card. That would be nice, too.

  5. Nice looking card. I just don't see myself buying any A's or Padres singles. I guess I'd consider picking up a Rickey Henderson or Tony Gwynn. Nah. I'd rather pick up a bunch of their 80's oddballs for $7.99 on COMC instead.