Monday, February 22, 2021

1983 Fleer Stamps

 I've shown a couple stamp sets recently.  One was very old and very cool, the 1949 Eureka stamps. The other was half as old and less than half as cool, the 1982 Fleer stamps.  I wish I had another really old, cool set. But instead, its just another Fleer.

The 1983 Fleer stamp set has 244 players and 64 team logo stamps.  They were sold in four different 72-stamp sheets.

This is sheet #1.  If you look closely you can see that this time Fleer included the player's name and position, which was an improvement of the 1982 stamps that had just a picture of the player and the stamp number.  And oddly, the 1983 stamps don't have any number.

Only eight Cubs players were in the set, along with the Cubs logo.






  1. Kind of stinks that there wasn't a Sandberg "rookie" stamp... or a Gwynn. At least there's a Boggs though.