Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1957 Cubs Scorecard

I'm always looking to add a couple more scorecards to my collection, but I'm also not willing to spend more than ten bucks.  Since I'm adding scorecards from 1957 or earlier, it hasn't been easy.  But a couple weeks ago I was able to get a nice one from 1956 that fits my price range.

What a happy looking pair on the front cover!   You wouldn't think watching a last place team that would win only 62 games would make you so happy.

The card is from September 9, 1956.  The Cubs played the Braves in a Sunday doubleheader. The card is from game 2, which saw the Cubs fall 5-3.  There were 35,309 at Wrigley that day, which is a huge crowd for the Cubs in that era.  I wonder how many in the park were Braves fans that drove south?

Page three always has the pitchers, umpires, upcoming games, and concession prices.  Look at the food that was available...ham sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, and egg sandwiches---but no hamburgers.  And a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon would set you back 35 cents!  Its also odd that Coke was sold in the park, but Pepsi had an ad at the bottom.

And we end with the classic back page, which was used all the way up to 1971.  Not sure the earliest it was used, but its on a 1949 scorecard


  1. Cool I love the scorecards/programs as well. I agree about the need to get them for as cheap as humanly possible. I'm that way with most everything most of the prices that collectibles are going for now-days are super overpriced, especially on sites like Ebay. Persistence and determination to acquire a specific item pay off eventually.

  2. Very cool. I always love the look of those old scorecards.

  3. I love looking at those old completed scorecards.

  4. I was trying to find a completed scorecard from yesterday's game against the Reds -- the 3-pitchers-in-left-and-a-grand-slam game -- and had to click through on this great old scorecard. Each one tells a story! From a Cub fan way up in the U.P. of Michigan ...