Saturday, November 10, 2012

1998 Cubs Convention Cards...The Active Players

Part 2 of 3 as we look at the 30 Cubs Convention Cards from 1998.

The 1997 Cubs did not have a very good season.  They finished in fifth place, with a record of 68-94.  That was such a bad record that it gave them the third pick in the 1998 amateur draft (they picked Corey Patterson).  The Cubs opened the season with an NL record 14 losses.  You dig yourself a bit of a hole by starting off 0-14! They never recovered.

I doubt that the convention attendees were too optimistic about the Cubs chances in 1998.

Fourteen cards from the 30-card set pictured the '98 team.

Jim Riggleman somehow survived the 0-14 start and the 1998 season would be his fourth as Cubs skipper.

This one had a couple off-season acquisitions.  I don't think anyone figured either of these two were going to make much difference.

Looking over these pitchers gives you an idea why the '97 team lost 96 games.  See an ace among them?  Other than the one future star, I don't.

Three catchers were included, and Mike Hubbard was the odd man out.  He was waived at the end of spring training.

Only three other position players were included, and two of the three were the biggest names on the team.

NO...not Kevin Orie!

The names were Grace and Sosa.  Who would have guessed at the convention in January the kind of season Sammy would have in 1998?  

Finally, this card splits a position player and a pitcher.  Both spent most of 1998 in AAA.

Tomorrow I have the other 16 cards, which featured Cubs from the past and other members of the Cubs family.

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