Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Barney Heritage Update

After writing the OYO Barney post on Monday, I realized that it's been a while since I've given an update on the Barney Heritage No Position card.

The card is considered a super short print.  But it's been my contention that there were more of these made than you may think and the price is artificially high.

I've tracked sales of the card since Heritage was released in March.  The first one was sold on March 17 for $122.50. Since then another 27 have been moved on Ebay.  The average sale price is $101.14.

The market has really dried up in the past three months, with only one available in September, one in October, and one so far in November.  Oddly, with the market drying up, prices haven't gone up.  In fact, their dropping like a rock.  The October card went for only $63.  The November card was the first graded card that I've seen (a mint 9) and it went for...

...only $49.26.  The first graded card went for the lowest price yet.

The big unknown is how many of the cards that have been pulled have shown up on Ebay.  Is half a good guess?  One third?  Two thirds?  And how many more are sitting in packs in a warehouse?

Because you can make decent money, I'm inclined to say at least half that have been opened have ended up on Ebay.  If 28 have been sold on ebay, then is 60 a good guess for how many are out there?

If it is, let's compare these prices to another /60 card of Barney, the Gold Mini card.  How much do they go for?  You can get one today for ten bucks.

Heritage set collectors are probably a main reason that the card goes for so much more than another /60 card.  But ten times more?  Still seems high to me for a card that isn't that  rare.

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